The Center for Strategic & International Insights (CSII) is indebted to Mr. Simon P Opolot Okwalinga who first conceived the idea of forming a think tank for strategic studies having earlier graduated from School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom in 2006. With his keen interests in matters of Strategy, Military and Defence Studies, the British Armed Forces offered him Cadet Military training under the Officers Training Corps (OTC) programme of the British Territorial Army.

Together with a team of academicians and professionals Mr. Opolot pioneered the establishment of the first center for strategic studies in Uganda.  Since then, CSII has been growing to champion the strategic policy research, consultancy and programmme development and implementation.

The Center for Strategic & International Insights (CSII) is an Intellectual Think-Tank and Research Center for Strategic Studies, founded in 2006 and subsequently registered in 2008, in Uganda as a non-profit making organization with the Registrar General of Companies under CAP 110. The Center is comprised of professionals qualified and experienced in a cross spectrum of disciplines such as Strategic Studies, International Studies, Peace & Conflict, Politics, History, Governance, Defense & Security, Human Rights, Economics, Sociology, Geography & Physical Sciences and Forensics among others. The Center provides strategic policy options, advice and initiatives by conducting analytical research, policy innovations, deliberate strategic and in-depth thinking, gathering alternative policy views through conducting workshops, seminars, debates, conferences, interviews, let alone documentation and dissemination.

Our Vision

A Secure, United and Developed African Continent.

Mission Statement

To offer Strategic Policy Options and Insights on Defense & Security, Governance & Development, Culture & Ideology, Regional Integration &Globalization and Career Development to National governments, NGOs, Scholars, Academicians and Researchers in the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa.

Officials Doing Their Work During The Gala

Our description

The Center for Strategic and International Insights (CSII) is an intellectual research based organization with its headquarters in Kampala Uganda, East Africa. CSII was established to offer strategic policy options, insights and analysis on topics of great national, regional and international importance to an audience with keen interests in strategic policy issues of security, governance, politics, ideologies and culture, peace, conflict, economic and transformative development and international studies.

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Our main objectives

We focus to achieve
  1. To conduct research and analysis on issues of strategic importance at local, regional and international levels.
  2. To provide policy options, analysis and advice to national and international actors on modern defense, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, security, peace and conflict resolution, humanitarianism, governance, and development.
  3. To cooperate with governments in view of facilitating the realization of national, regional and international objectives on defense, security and strategic       development objectives.
  4. To cooperate with organizations and actors that share similar interests and concerns.
  5. To act as a resource center and provide research materials to academicians, researchers and students of strategy, defence, conflict, development and international studies.
  6. To analyze the efficacy of development cooperation, national budgeting and resource management in tackling poverty and development challenges in the developing world.
  7. To publish and disseminate research findings on strategic and international issues.
  8. To provide any other analysis, insights and advice to individuals, governments, organizations and institutions that is consistent with the above objectives.


CSII focus of operation in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region. Our methods of operation towards the attainment of a better national, regional and international peace & security environment in the new world order of uncertainty include among others.

Through research and analysis of existing policies of strategic importance at local, regional and international levels, policy innovations, and cooperation with other centers of similar objectives.

Deliberate strategic and in-depth thinking on the initiation of Policies on Defense and Security, Global Governance and Democracy, Culture and Ideology, Regional Development and Integration.

Gathering alternative policy views, initiatives and analysis through conducting workshops, seminars, debates, conferences and interviews. Documenting and disseminating reports on issues of CSII central objectives.

Sustainability and Organization Funding: Through contributions and subscriptions from members, friends, scholars, researchers, charity foundations and well-wishers.


Majority of the Center personnel are engaged with monitoring, evaluation and value for money audits of government and donor programs across the country. Specifically, most of the Center staff have worked at the Inspectorate of Government promoting good governance through the elimination of corruption and abuse of public office. At the organization level however, the Center has so far successfully carried out a number of projects including among others;

Conducted Financial Tracking of UNICEF and Government of Uganda funding to Local Governments in North Eastern Uganda (Karamoja region), this project was conducted together with Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) in quest to examine the extent to which the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been achieved in the region.

Organized and coordinated International Conference for Academicians, Lawyers, Political & Civic Leaders that discussed the Relevance of International Jurisdiction on Emergent Democracies, A case of Sudan and International Criminal Court (ICC)

The Center further participated in Ateker Cross Boarder Regional Peace & Development Conference on zone 3 States in the East and Horn of Africa.

Participated and acted as a rappotuer for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Meeting on the Implementation of Project 1.1.2 Disarmament of Armed Nomadic Pastoralists and Promotion of Sustainable Development in Zone 3 States, etc.

The Center Key professionals have also individually carried out wide range of assignments such as; Monitoring of Government funded PAF Programmes in Local Governments, high profile investigations and prosecutions concerning mismanagement of public funds by corrupt government officials in collusion with private contractors/suppliers.

The Center Staff have also actively and successfully conducted major development oriented research projects notably, National Integrity survey 1.2 &3, Afro barometer survey on Governance & Democracy, Health Service Delivery Survey in Mukono District, among others.


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