Find Your Way Around CSII – New Look

Find Your Way Around CSII – New Look

The Center for Strategic & International Insights (CSII) is indebted to Mr. Simon P Opolot Okwalinga who first concieved the idea of forming a think tank for strategic studies having earlier graduated from School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom in 2006 and thanks to the British Armed Forces that offered him Military training under the Officers Training Corps(OTC) programme of the British Territorial Army.

This and a combination of other factors, resulted into Mr. Opolot pioneering and convincing a group of other committed academicians and professionals to start the Center in Uganda.

The Center for Strategic & International Insights (CSII) is an Intellectual Think-Tank and Research Center for Strategic Studies, founded in 2006 and subsequently registered in 2008, in Uganda as a non-profit making organization with the Registrar General of Companies under CAP 110. The Center is comprised of professionals qualified and experienced in a cross spectrum of disciplines such as Strategic Studies, International Studies, Peace & Conflict, Politics, History, Governance, Defense & Security, Human Rights, Economics, Sociology, Geography & Physical Sciences and Forensics among others. The Center provides strategic policy options, advice and initiatives by conducting analytical research, policy innovations, deliberate strategic and in-depth thinking, gathering alternative policy views through conducting workshops, seminars, debates, conferences, interviews, let alone documentation and dissemination.


  • Posted January 20, 2016 Mike Newton 8:14 am

    this is great! we loved working with this site as much as the support team that is quite nice and willing to help.

    • Posted January 20, 2016 Martha Stewart 8:19 am

      with this kind of design and structure the site is a guaranteed success. thanks for the updates!

      • Posted January 20, 2016 ANC_admin 8:20 am

        stay tuned for more!

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