Guardian Ideology

Guardian Ideology

This program is among the key activities that the Center propagates. It aims at promoting and establishing a society of Guardians who are people with the following five values;

  1. They value God as their Creator and a source of everything – the Alpha and Omega.
  2. They value the People and recognize that each of them is created with unique inborn talents, abilities and inalienable rights.
  3. They value their Natural Resource Endowments which are recognized as God given for society’s survival and development.
  4. They value Advances in Science and Technology which is important in taming and harnessing the natural resource endowments for the betterment of the quality of life of all the People.
  5. They equally value the Interconnectedness of all Humankind and recognize the importance of cultivating and strengthening solidarities in the region and the World over, for a just, fair and a peaceful World Order.










Launch of Guardian Ideology 2014


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