The Center for Strategic and International Insights has in its previous and current activities worked on projects aimed at achieving our vision of a secure, united and developed Africa. The list is long but the following suffices to give insights on the activities conducted:

Programme Achievements

  • In mid, 2013, the Center, initiated a research on the Implications of sporadic Refugee Influx in Eastern Africa: The primary focus is laid on the case of the recent refugee influx on the Uganda-DRC Border and its impacts on regional security. A report was produced and shared with respective stakeholders.
  • In 2012, the Center Experts participated as CIGI Africa Initiative Research Consultancy Study duped: Security Education in Africa: Prospects for regional human security communities. The report produced was found to be significantly relevant and was consequently shared among key African military academies, staff colleges and police academies, and with international organizations involved in institutional development assistance in conflict management.
  • In mid – 2010, CSII equally participated and presented a paper at the International Conference involving State parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Rome Statute held in Kampala, Uganda.
  • From December 2009 to April 2010, the center conducted Financial Tracking of UNICEF and Government of Uganda funding to Local Governments in North Eastern Uganda (Karamoja region), this project was conducted together with Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) in quest to examine the extent to which the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been achieved in the region. This provided a report with recommendations for improving service delivery in this conflict affected region of Uganda.
  • In 2009, the Center organized, facilitated and coordinated an International Conference for Academicians, Lawyers, and Political & Civic Leaders that discussed the Relevance of International Jurisdiction on Emergent Democracies: A case of Sudan and International Criminal Court (ICC). The conference resulted into the communiqué and a paper containing resolutions that were consequently submitted to the AU Commission on Peace and Security.
  • In early 2009, the center worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in organizing a meeting on the Ateker Cross Boarder Regional Peace & Development on zone 3 States in the East and Horn of Africa.
  • In 2008, the Center also worked with the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ICGR Coordination mechanisms) and participated as a rappotuer for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Meeting on the Implementation of Project 1.1.2 Disarmament of Armed Nomadic Pastoralists and Promotion of Sustainable Development in Zone 3 States. The conferences resulted into the establishment of Regional Disarmament Committees that enhanced the disarmament programme in the areas infested with cattle rustling in Western Kenya, North Eastern Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • The Center Key professionals have also individually carried out wide range of assignments such as; Monitoring of Government funded poverty Action Fund (PAF) Programmes in Local Governments, high profile investigations and recommendations concerning with mismanagement of public funds by corrupt government officials in collusion with private contractors/suppliers.
  • Working with the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), and Wilsken Agency Limited. The Center Staff have also actively and successfully conducted major development oriented research projects notably, National Integrity survey 1.2 &3, Afro Barometer survey on Governance and Democracy, Health Service Delivery Survey in Mukono District, among others.