Scholarship and Career Development (SCAD)

Scholarship and Career Development (SCAD)

This programme is in line with the fact that, in a globalizing world, both opportunities and competition co-exist continually in transcendence of the supply of human capital. Many approaches to this challenge may be available; nonetheless, the advancement in skills and knowledge acquisition remains a core solution. On the other hand, efforts have been slow mainly hampered by funding inadequacy and ignorance of the existing opportunities. In this regard CSII in its quest to meet the vision of a united, secure and developed Africa the SCAD programme aims at the following:

  1. Searching and providing insights into the existing opportunities for academic funding and career development to particularly the poor and the disadvantaged.
  2. Skillfully and strategically guide prospective applicants taping into CSII expertise in Scholarship acquisition.
  3. Act as a knowledge base and a coordinating point for students, professionals and institutions seeking career advancement.
  4. To enable and support the underprivileged persons and those strategic sectors within the African communities that can spur a scientifically, industrialized and developed society.

The majority of the CSII staff have themselves been beneficiaries of several scholarships awards and have acquired a wide range of experience from a rich employment history in both local and international organisations. As such, our prospective clients have the opportunity to tap on first hand experiences on how to win scholarship awards, let alone obtaining internship placement.


Prospective applicants are required to:-

  • Have all his or her academic documents ready with certified copies from the awarding institution or from the ministry of foreign affairs. CSII can provide further information on how to go about this process.
  • Have a rough idea on the area of study interest
  • Prepare curriculum vitae. CSII will provide guidance on preparing scholarship tailed CVs

Depending on the scholarship requirements, one may be required to obtain certain language proficiency qualifications. CSII will guide the applicant on the possible procedures.

It's through constant and persistent advice and career guidance that our children are awakened to the realisation of their innate talents. This is our Guardian Consular giving a word of wisdom to the Pupils of Mukongoro sub county who achieved DIV 1 grades. #GuardianIdeology #PapaElohim #EdaranLoItunga

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